What is a Gta 5 Shark Card?

Just like in real life, cash rule everything, even in Gta Online. A Shark Card is the main way you can buy gta cash, the game main currency. It is a form of microtransactions introduced by Rockstar in the online version of the game. The game is balanced to not overpower the buying players, that is why Shark Cards are limited. Cards are added when a DLC is released and they are monitored, as I said above, to maintain the balance between players. Once you purchase a card, you get a code that you can redeem it in game. This way you load your virtual bank with $$ and start making purchases.

Should you buy a Gta Shark Card?

The purchase of cards is optional, although they give you a great boost.

If you are a beginner, or if you play the game occasionally, you definitely should not buy one. There are a variety of options available for you to make in game money. Be patient and play the game consistently and you will see how you will grow.

I know that owning an apartment, or if you want an Oppressor Mark II is cool but they are so expensive. For example, to buy an Opressor Mark II you should spend around $4,000,000. This is half of a Megalodon Shark Card which costs around $100. So, in reality you will spend $50 on a car. Is it worth it? Off course not. Only if you could get it for free.

There are also players that want to take the shortcut and not play hundreds of hours to get those $$. Over the years the cost of properties and cars has significantly raised. This means more time spent playing the game. If you are one of them and want to work smart instead of a hard work let’s see what card better suits you.

Megalodon Shark Card

The most expensive Shark Card in the game offers 8 million GTA money. You can achieve it for around $100 and have the best value for money. You could buy a lot of thing with those $$ from houses to deluxe cars but you won’t be able to buy a Luxor Deluxe plane which is around 10 mil $.

Megalodon Shark Card

Whale Shark Card

For around $50 you can have around 3.5 million dollars in GTA. This is more than enough for every player, beginner or not, if it does not have high expectations. This card is the perfect one to make a gift to a friend, not high and not so low.

Whale Shark Card

Great White Shark Card

The Great White Shark Card is a decent one. For $20 bucks you get 1,250,000 GTA cash, enough to get a few high-end supercars.

Great White Shark Card

Bull Shark Card

The remaining cards do not offer such a good value and you should get them only if you are short on budget or if you need a small boost. The Bull Shark Card offers half a million GTA cash for $10.

Tiger Shark Card

For $5 you get 200k GTA cash, not something to be proud, but is still something.

Red Shark Card

The worst value from all the cards is offered by the Red Shark. These types of cards are usually won in giveaways. Streamers give them away because they cost only $3. It’s in game value is 100k gta $$.

How to get free GTA Shark Cards?

There are a few ways you could get a Shark Card for free:

Participate in giveaways

There are a lot of streamers that are doing giveaways every day. Head over to YouTube and search “gta online” or “gta 5 giveaway”. Click on filter and chose live. Now browser the results and most surely you will find an ongoing giveaway for your game.Click here if you do not want to search yourself.

You can do the same thing on Twitch. Click Browse and look for GTA 5. Now look thru the results and see which one has the giveaway in title. Click here to skip this step. Open the channel and see what you have to do to enter the giveaway.

Usually the requirements are easy, just a simple share or like on a social network.

Use points rewarding sites

There are a lot of websites online that reward you with points for doing various tasks. Most of them are using surveys, but I can assure you they are not annoying. You get to the site, register, and start completing tasks. There are a number limited tasks per day. Once you complete a task you get points. The rewarded points are different for each task. These points can be transformed in Shark Cards codes that you can use in game. It is a simple method that you can do on the long run and does not require a lot of work and time.

Use a Shark Card Generator

There was a lot of debate regarding these generators. Some say they do not work and some say they successfully used. A Shark Card Generator is a tool that can generate a shark card code in just a few minutes. How they do that? The algorithm is so complicated that no one knows. What you must understand is that you can get a fully working code in a few minutes. The trick is to find a working one, because the updates are so often.