GTA 5 Mobile – Take the action with you

GTA is surely a game that will remain in the memory of every gamer. Since it’s release in 2013 GTA 5 was played by millions of people all around the globe. So much time has passed and now we can enjoy GTA on our mobile devices. Yes, the game is available to download for Android and iOS. There were many attempts to create GTA 5 Mobile but the constant updates gave some hard time to developers.

Now it’s 2020 and we have a complete version of GTA V Mobile. What does this mean? Unlike previous versions, the game is now stable, you can even connect it internet and play it online. You can play the game while you are traveling or from your school.

What is GTA 5 Mobile

Gta 5 Mobile is the mobile version of the Grand Theft Auto 5. It is available for Android and Ios, this means for both phones and tablets. It is the most complex game available for mobile at the moment. You can do exactly what you do on your PC or PS4, there are no limitations. The only limitation is your device. Also, there are no in game purchases for this version of the game. All found from your big version will be transferred here. If you have not played the game before do not worry. You can start a new game and choose one of the three characters.

How to download GTA 5 Mobile

There are a few things that you need to know before download gta 5 apk. We do not own or develop the game. Gta V android was created by a team of programmers and who granted us the liberty to publish it for you.

Before downloading gta mobile make sure you have enough free space on your mobile device. You can download it to your pc and the upload it to you phone or you can directly install it on your mobile device. We recommend the second choice; it is easier for you. Now let’s download gta 5 ios or android. Click the download button above according to your device OS. You will be redirected to the download page. For Android users, after the download, open the apk file and start the installation. Wait a while and you will see the game icon on your device.

For iOS users the process is almost the same. You download the file, the open Files folder and look for the installation file. Open it and wait. You might get a few errors but ignore them. After that the game will appear on your screen.

Why chose us?

There are a lot of sites online that claim to have Gta V Mobile for download. Be careful and download only from trusted sources and only from sites that use SSL, like ours. Also remember that this is the only GTA 5 Mobile version of the game that works online. You can connect your account and play it online with your friends. This version of the game was also available on AppStore and Google Play but for a limited time. You can imagine why.


There is not an official version of GTA 5 Mobile released by Rockstar. All the websites that claim that are fake. Online are available only modified versions made by fans.

The game has one of the best graphics offered by a mobile game. Also do not forget to check if your mobile device meets the minimum requirements. The game does not work on old models. We get a lot of messages stating that the game is not installing from people with outdated devices. Also before you run the game please make sure you sync your game with your account otherwise your saved files won appear on mobile.